QuickBooks saves money in other ways

More than 85,000 companies have chosen QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Thousands more use different editions of QuickBooks because of its flexibility. The company says its share of business accounting has reached just over 94 percent.

As businesses grow and expand to several locations, small businesses often choose QuickBooks Enterprise running on Microsoft Terminal Services on a virtual server.

Growing businesses and businesses with complex needs often turn to the QuickBooks family. Small businesses use QuickBooks for most financial business processes.

There are two choices at Infinitely Virtual for QuickBooks running with Microsoft Terminal Services:

  1. A virtual server. It behaves just like a dedicated server. Each server is preloaded with an operating system and software.
  2. Virtual applications. Virtual applications can run in a multi-server environment preloaded with an operating system and software. Infinitely Virtual implements and manages Virtual Applications. Small businesses can concentrate on business while Infinitely Virtual manages the servers and customer support.

Relying on virtual applications helps the bottom line of your business. A small business owner can hand-off IT tasks to expert support engineers. That strategy can slow the rise of business costs.

Virtual servers allow businesses to consolidate many applications on fewer physical servers. That adds to a company's bottom line with savings for equipment, lower energy costs, and management of equipment. Adding more virtual servers can be simple and fast.

Businesses using QuickBooks on a virtual terminal server can achieve practical goals too.

Using the Internet, a terminal server is available from home offices, during business travel and from multiple offices. A small business using virtual severs can hold down capital expenses two ways:

  1. There are no requirement to purchase hardware or software
  2. The three to four-year cycle of purchasing new hardware and software is no longer an issue.

QuickBooks on a Terminal Server has other key advantages:

  • The virtual server is off premises. If a disaster damages a business, a remote virtual server installation gets finance workers back online quickly because Infinitely Virtual handles the back ups.
  • Back-ups are off site and scheduled. In the event of a data disaster, it's not necessary to leave your business to retrieve backups.
  • Scheduled backups minimize the amount of lost work in the event of a disaster.
  • Because backups and recovery are offsite, your staff is relieved from the tasks of back-ups, keeping track of tapes, testing back-ups, and using the correct schedule. Assign those workers to other critical tasks.
  • A remote terminal server can connect businesses operations in more than one location such as several states. Virtual servers can reduce IT payroll costs. There is no payroll cost for installing servers because it's included in the cost of the service.
  • If the virtual servers are offline, just call support at Infinitely Virtual. The support desk at Infinitely Virtual eliminates callout schedules and overtime.

When it is time to expand the business, a virtual environment can handle other applications such as the Microsoft Office family or Open Office.

To learn about using the QuickBooks family and other new Microsoft applications, call Infinitely Virtual at (866) 257-8455 or request more information from the website: www.InfinitelyVirtual.com.