Cutting the Cable Table of Contents


Cutting the cable, the cheapskate's guide to Smart TVs and Internet TV


The Cost Of Cable And Satellite

Loads Of Money Are At Stake

Economics 101 and Privacy

Viewing Choices

Cable and Satellite Exclusives: Set top Boxes And DVRS

Watching the News

How To View Local And Network News

How Cable Works

How Satellite Works

How Telephone Providers Supply TV Service

How High-speed Internet Works With HDTV

Enter The Digital Media Receiver

6 Rules For Shopping For Equipment

Escaping With Your Wallet Intact

Laughing at Your Product Choices

Our Accessories Cost More But Are A Better Deal

See The Shiny Objects, Bells And Cool Widgets

The Low Monthly Price Bait

Thirty Days After Leaving The Store Could Be a Disaster

3 Top Secret Guerrilla Buyer Tactics

Making The Equipment List So You can Cut The Cable

5 Steps To Cut Your Cable Or Satellite Bill Today

The Worksheet

Your Current Bill


The Winners

Stupid Computer Tricks

Unleashing Your Inner Computer Geek

Copy Protection And You

Software To Unleash the Inner Geek

Storing CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray Disks On Your Computer

Software To Unleash the Inner Geek

Storing CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray Disks On Your Computer

Managing collections of movies on a computer or library of DVDs and Blue-ray discs (which spelling are you going to use – disc or disk)
Managing collections of television shows
Managing collections of music
Managing collections of personal photos
Using a computer's iTunes library on a television
Finding the shows you watch regularly
New sources for the best shows you've never seen before

Cutting the cable

Cutting the cable, the cheapskate's guide to Smart TVs and Internet TV, is an innovative eBook has just one purpose – to save you money. It's intended for people who enjoy television, but dislike shelling out $100, $200 or more every month for programs they'll never watch.

This guide uses an eBook format to protect you against obsolescence. Once you buy it, you'll get future updated editions at no extra charge.

It's not an abridged version of a more expensive book. Once you own the book, it's yours and there are advantages for ownership.

Updated editions are available free. Registered owners will get an email note when revisions are released. Owners can can just check the website, or then download the revised version download the latest version of the eBook, or, if they don't have their eBook reader handy, simply check the author's website for a summary of the new information.

Don't have your eBook reader handy? Use the book's website. Updated versions of the book are always online at and are always free to registered owners.

The website version of the book has cool bonuses:

The latest news about cutting the cable

Online tutorials with step-by-step videos. The online versions who you how instead of just show you how

Online tools for finding your favorite shows and cool things

These twin paths to the information will let you access videos, tutorials and other online tools that may not be compatible with your particular eBook reader.

If you hit a roadblock during your e-reading, just click the links strategically placed throughout the book.

The book explains the complexities, tricks and traps involved in making the decisions about buying cable.