No time to talk, just give me a byte

Pundit John Ridley reports over at NPR that politicians no longer have time to utter sound bytes.

Political sound bites have shrunk even further, from sentences down to "word bites." White House spokesman Tony Snow used Defeatocrats to describe the reuslts of a recent election. Defeatocrats, Islamofascists and "The Secure Fence Act" are all examples of politicians boiling down their ideas to bumper-sticker phrases.

Politicians have been hurling around words like "liberal" and "conservative" for years. They use the words like insults instead of descriptions... as if it is bad to be a liberal or a conservative.

While members of congress call one another names and refuse to compromise, government gridlock grows by the day. How long has George Wubya Bush been in office? How long has it been seen we've seen any hintoof action on Social Security reform?

Lest you be left with the impression that I am a liberal, take a look at Bill Clinton's efforts to deal with health care reform. How many years has it been since Hillary Cinton tried to marshal the resources of the White House to cure the ailing health care business?

And let's look at spiraling health care costs.

The drug industry seems very intent at contributing to both parties to keep Congressional measures from sapping the livlihood of the older gneeration.

I believe there is a better word than any of the current jargon.

Stupid is as stupid does, Forest Gump once said.
And the American public, myself included, is dumb for allowing Congress to argue while many, many problems go unsolved.