New life

For years I've contemplated all kinds of pathetic theories about the meaning of life. In an infant we see new hope; a new beginning.

What else can there be in the birth of a being into which God breathed life?

We have all sorts of dreams for our children. Forget the dreams for a moment because those dreams are really your thoughts. Let the child be a child. Enjoy the precious few moments you spend with them. If you spend enough time with them, their dreams will work out just fine.

Here are some thoughts shared by some of my friends and family:

I can't tell from the picture if Riley Patrick is related to Emery. We've never seen a picture of Emery with his mouth closed.
~Bill Wooten

Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your children.
~Michael McClure

Just think. All the explaining in the world won't prepare them for how their life is going to change. Now you don't need to explain it.
~Mike Queen.