N.C. State board discusses basketball program

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina State University's Board of Trustees met in closed session Tuesday to discuss the fate of the men's basketball program and its coach, Jim Valvano, but adjourned without taking any action.

The board convened with its staff attorney, a private attorney retained for the matter and a lawyer from the state Attorney General's office for about 2 1-2 hours.

'Due to the sensitivity of the issue we discussed, we have decided not to discuss it publicly,' said board chairman John N. Gregg.

Gregg said an announcement would be made if any action is taken about the program or the fate of the Wolfpack coach.

'We do not know at this time when we will take any action,' Gregg said. 'We seek what is best for North Carolina State University.'

On March 7, the school's three-member executive committee met in emergency session to deliver instructions to university counsel Becky French about negotiations to settle Valvano's contract.

School officials have been involved for some time with Valvano's lawyer, Art Kaminsky, in negotiations that may lead to Valvano's departure as coach.

Valvano's latest woes began last month when ABC News reported that former Wolfpack basketball player Charles Shackleford and three other players shaved points.

Shackleford admitted receiving $65,000 from two men during his sophomore and junior year at State. The money came in the form of loans, he said.

But Shackleford denied shaving points and said he repaid the money.

Valvano has denied knowledge of any point shaving by his players.

His critics contend if he did not know players were taking money to shave points, then Valvano at least should have been suspicious.

His contract has a $500,000 buyout option, apparently the major stumbling block in easing him out of the job.

The school later retained Raleigh lawyer Howard Manning for the negotiations. John Simmons of the attorney general's office was also drawn into the discussions.

The last emergency session of the trustees was to accept Chancellor Bruce Poulton's resignation.