Valvano wants to meet with board of governors

RALEIGH, N.C. -- North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano, faced with being fired, wants to plead his case before the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, his lawyer said Thursday.

Chairman Robert Jones has called a special meeting of the Board of Governors for 12:30 p.m. Monday in Chapel Hill.

'He (Valvano) hasn't been invited,' said Woody Webb, Valvano's lawyer. 'I'm in the process of delivering a written request to appear and state his case.'

Officials are describing it as an emergency meeting to consider a personnel matter at N.C. State. All or portions of the meeting may be held in executive session, officials said.

UNC system spokesperson Joni Worthington said an emergency meeting was called because action may need to be taken before the board's next regular meeting on April 20.

Worthington confirmed that Valvano was the subject of Monday's meeting.

But she doubts if Valvano will attend. 'I wouldn't think he would want to be there,' she said.

Valvano has been under fire since ABC network news reported that as many as four of Valvano's players were involved in a point-shaving scheme. One of the them, Chris Shackleford, now playing with the New Jersey Nets, denied shaving points but admitted taking $65,000 from two men during his junior and senior years at State.

The coach's future at N.C. State has been uncertain since two closed-door sessions of the N.C. State Board of Trustees, a group that reports to the UNC system Board of Governors.

Valvano's lawyers, an outside lawyer and state officials, have been negotiating terms for Valvano's ouster or his continuance - only the board members know for sure.

'Thats a good question,' Webb told United Press International. 'We've said he would like to continue on as the basketball coach under an amended contract which imposes specific duties for acemdemic progress and program supervision.'

One scenario for Valvano's departure had state officials filing a lawsuit against Valvano because of the team's failure to live up to the school's academic standards.

'He's even willing to consider concessions on the term of the contract and with regard to the buyout provision,' Webb said.

Valvano is considering a contact as short as one year with a smaller buyout provision, Webb said.

'He's been the conciliatory one here,' Webb said. 'He's gone the extra mile.'

Webb and the other lawyers have considered three options. 'I made a proposal. They ignored my proposal and said they had something of their own in mind,' Webb said.