Valvano, trustees won't meet

N.C. State officials and their lawyers on Thursday rejected basketball coach Jim Valvano's fourth request to meet with the university's board of trustees in a last ditch effort to avoid his dismissal.

Andrew Vanore Jr., chief deputy attorney general, said the message from trustees tp Valvano and his attorney Woody Webb was clear.

'It shouldn't be a surprise,' Vanore told United Press International. 'I assume it's because a decision has been made and there is no purpose in a meeting.

'I'm a little confused why Mr. Webb is disappointed why the board won't meet when it was made crystal clear a long time ago why the board won't meet.'

Webb said he was disappointed by the latest rebuff.

'We believe such a meeting is not only mandated by concepts of fundamental fairness, but it is in the best interests of the university, and we are disappointed that one who has served the university for such a long period of time is being forced out without an opportunity to be heard,' Webb said.

Board chairman John Gregg said the board's bylaws made it impossible for a meeting unless Valvano goes to his own supervisor first and ultimately to acting Chancellor Larry Montieth.

'The reason is very simple,' Gregg said. 'It's the bylaws under which the board operates. It's just a procedure. ... If he wanted to appeal the chancellor's decision, the appeal would be heard by the board. We've operated under those bylaws for years,' Gregg said.

Valvano has been under fire since the NCAA imposed sanctions against the Wolfpack last year for rules violations. The NCAA actions followed a lengthy investigation by the NCAA and University of North Carolina system officials.

The board made a number of recommendations, among them that Valvano step down as athletic director. The Wolfpack was also excluded from the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament play and the NCAA tournament.

The efforts to oust Valvano as coach intensified after ABC News reported that four of Valvano's players allegedly were involved in a point shaving scheme during games with other ACC teams.

Earlier this week, the UNC system Board of Governors directed the N.C. State Board of Trustees to sue Valvano if neccessary to end his 10-year tenure as coach.

Webb said Valvano had asked for a response from either Gregg or vice chairman William L. Burns Jr. Instead, the rebuff came from Vanore.

'We are assuming that each member of the Board of Trustees has been apprised of coach Valvano's repeated requests to meet personally with the board, and we find it most unfortunate that they have rejected these requests,' said Webb.

Another proposal to ease Valvano out of his contract was to be delivered to Vanore on Friday, but the terms of the settlement had not been determined Thursday.