My favorite software

Update: Software for Starving Students has ceased to exist

There are several software programs included on the Software for Starving Students CD that I can't live without:

  • PortableApps - The software in PortableApps allows travelling lite. The applications can be installed on portable media like USB drives or iPods. By installing data on a USB key chain, you can take an email address book and bookmarks wherever you go.
  • KeePass - It safely stores passwords and user names in a heavily encrypted file. If you have to remember dozens of user names and passwords, it's the tool to use. A word of warning: Don't forget the master password or your passwords are gone forever. There is no back door to recover them. If you lose the master password, there is no way to crack the database.
  • Audacity - It's not the user-friendliest sound editor in the world. But it is a cheap way into podcasting.
  • Freeciv - Any SimCity players out there? My wife tells me I'm off in my own world. I built it with Freeciv. In my world, the sky is Carolina blue.