Where was 'The Last Picture Show'

The Last Picture ShowThe classic mobster movie "Goodfellas" is the greatest film of all time, according to Total Film, a British film magazine.

The 1990 film, based on the exploits of real life gangster Henry Hill, which starred Ray Liotta, Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci, who won an Academy Award for his performance, was No. 1 in a Total Film magazine poll opf the 100 greatest movies.

But there was one catch. You had to shell out £9.99 to see the complete list from the magazine's book. At the time, Total Film published only the top 25 on the web.

"Goodfellas has it all, story, dialogue, performances, technique," the magazine said. "It is slick, arguably the slickest film ever made. But it is also considered, layered and freighted with meaning."

Sounds like that haughty talk wine sniffers whisper in the Sonoma Valley.

Of course, film fans are fickle. The American Film Institute ranks The Last Picture Show at 96 in it top 100 list, but doesn't get listed on the Internet Movie Database top 250.

Goodfellas ranks 94 on the AFI list and No. 17 at IMDb.

The top 100 from Total Film:

  1. GoodFellas
  2. Vertigo
  3. Jaws
  4. Fight Club
  5. The Godfather Part II
  6. Citizen Kane
  7. Tokyo Story
  8. The Empire Strikes Back
  9. The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
  10. His Girl Friday
  11. Persona
  12. Chinatown
  13. Manhattan
  14. Taxi Driver
  15. It's A Wonderful Life
  16. The Apartment
  17. Once Upon A Time In The West
  18. All About Eve
  19. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  20. Apocalypse Now
  21. Crash
  22. Sunrise
  23. The Godfather
  24. Rear Window
  25. Sunset Boulevard
  26. The Third Man
  27. Some Like It Hot
  28. Raging Bull
  29. La Regle Du Jeu
  30. Reservoir Dogs
  31. Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid
  32. Les Enfants Du Paradis
  33. Star Wars
  1. The Searchers
  2. A Matter Of Life And Death
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  4. Touch Of Evil
  5. Badlands
  6. Monty Python And The Holy Grail
  7. ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
  8. The Last Picture Show
  9. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
  10. Heat
  11. Annie Hall
  12. Mean Streets
  13. Nashville
  14. Blade Runner
  15. Singin' In The Rain
  16. Pulp Fiction
  17. It Happened One Night
  18. Aliens
  19. Sullivan's Travels
  20. The Deer Hunter
  21. Miller's Crossing
  22. Kiss Me Deadly
  23. The Shawshank Redemption
  24. Sweet Smell Of Success
  25. Die Hard
  26. Blue Velvet
  27. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  28. Halloween
  29. The Night Of The Hunter
  30. The Matrix
  31. The Conversation
  32. Se7en
  1. L'Atalante
  2. This Is Spinal Tap
  3. Sideways
  4. Dawn Of The Dead
  5. North By Northwest
  6. The Terminator
  7. Hoop Dreams
  8. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  9. The Wild Bunch
  10. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
  11. Lawrence Of Arabia
  12. The Graduate
  13. The Wicker Man
  14. Day For Night
  15. The Shining
  16. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
  17. The Wizard Of Oz
  18. Metropolis
  19. The King Of Comedy
  20. Kind Hearts And Coronets
  21. Donnie Darko
  22. Get Carter
  23. Rio Bravo
  24. Psycho
  25. Dekalog
  26. Back To The Future
  27. Salvador
  28. Magnolia
  29. The Usual Suspects
  30. Stand By Me
  31. Trainspotting
  32. Casablanca
  33. Three Kings
  34. Goldfinger