Halloween party tips

When hosting trick-or-treaters at your home, follow these safety tips:

  • Whether in your own home or a neighbor's, parents should be aware of any decorations that can pose fire, falling or choking hazards. Spooky decorations may pique your child’s interest and make them want to explore, so make sure to keep decorations with small, loose parts out of young children’s reach.
  • Do not use candles when decorating porches to prevent costumes from catching fire. Light jack-o-lanterns with small flashlights instead of candles.
  • Only burn candles when an adult is in the room and paying attention. Put them in a place that is well out of the reach of children. Blow the candles out when adults leave the room or go to sleep. If you have children in your home, store candles, and especially matches and lighters out of their sight and reach in a locked cabinet.
  • Provide bright walkways and porch lighting to help prevent falls. Make sure your lawn is clear of things that could be tripped over, such as pumpkins, ladders, garden hoses, flowerpots, bikes and animal leashes.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets with holiday lighting or special effects and do not block exit doors.
  • Do not use dry ice as a special effect because it can cause severe injury if eaten.
  • Offer treats wrapped in their original packages.
  • If you decorate your home with candles, keep them well away from crepe paper, leaves and other flammable objects. Extinguish all candles when leaving the room.