Halloween games

Activities at a Halloween party are a must. One innovative idea for the kids is called "The Hanging Tree." Here's how it's done:

Supplies: Thirteen apples (twelve red and one green) and a few extras, string, blindfold, and a tree branch.

Tie each of the apples to the tree branch so they can swing freely. To keep observant kids from memorizing where the green apple is loosely tie the strings together.

How to Play: Take a child and tell him to close his eyes and make a wish. As he makes a wish, blindfold him. Once blindfolded, spin him around and say this rhyme with him:

13 Apples hanging from a tree
12 dark red and one bright green
Blindfolded, spun around, and then set free
Is that green one meant for me?

Release the apples and point the child in the right direction to pick an apple that he stumbles upon. If he picks up the green one his wish will come true! Before the next kid goes, replace the apple and move the green one. If you want, place a tag with a number on each apple that corresponds to small gift or prize.