Cheap Halloween costumes

Ideas for cheap costumers are as simple as they are cheap.

  • Bunch of Grapes costume -- Wear purple and green sweats or tights, etc. Blow up purple and green balloons and attach all over your body with safety pins. Wear matching makeup on hands and face to blend in.
  • Bubble Bath costume-- Take a white laundry basket and cut out the bottom. (Try to find one that does not have holes in it otherwise tape a white cardboard piece to the inside of the laundry basket so as to show no holes.) Attach two stripes of material to each side of the laundry basket, connecting front and back for shoulder straps. Blow up white, lavender, pink, and pearl colored balloons and safety pin them to the basket for your bubbles.

    Wear all white underneath, and add a shower cap, slippers, and a washcloth or poofy brush for added effect.

  • Mummy -- Wrap white bandage gauze all around your kid, and add some moldy green paint splotches on to various areas of the gauze for the effect. Use white makeup on the face and also have green makeup placed on areas of the face for a further moldy effect. Wrap tightly for a stiff gait!

Kids costumes

  • Fancy Nancy-- Go to a vintage dress shop and pick up a fancy dress with frill, lace, and sequins…the fancier the better. While at the dress shop, pick up a fancy hat or crown to place into a poof hair-do.

    A fancy umbrella, boa, bauble jewelry, pink sunglasses, purple feather duster would gussy the costume up one step further.

    Don't forget fanciful stockings and shoes.

    If you want to dress up your dog, if you have one that is, into a posh puppy…that would be a great companion for Fancy Nancy to take along while out & about on All Hallow's Eve. A small cape, a glittery collar…posh, posh, posh!

    What a great outing, and the outfit you will find for a song. Additionally, have your daughter grab a copy of her Fancy Nancy book and take along with her as she tricks and treats for fancy chocolates and sweets!

  • Hannah Montana -- This is going to have to be a VERY POPULAR costume for the upcoming Halloween season. Even better - your daughter can head to her closet and find clothes that will transform her into Hannah Montana for next to nothing!

    The best part of this costume for the tweens is the quicko chango…Hannah Montana turns from school-gal Miley Stewart to Hannah Montana in an instant. That's the key to this costume.

    Here are the essential components:

    Cool, dark jeans. A white tank top or T-shirt layered with a cool top in a bright color and a regular jacket, white would be a good color choice. That's Miley Cyrus casual!

    Keep on those same cool, dark jeans, but quick change the top with a gold/gliterry top and a fancier jacket. If your hair is up, drop it down and put a glittery hair clip on. Perhaps some cool jewelry too.

    Kids can trick or treat and/or attend the Halloween Party starting out as Miley, but changing into Hannah Montana at some point during the night.