Cheap Halloween decoration

 It's easy and inexpensive to create a spooky theme inside — and outside — of your home.

    • Blow up balloons, place a small white sheet or cloth over it, draw the face with a black magic marker, and suspend from the ceiling using fishing wire around the ghosts' "neck".
    • Make a graveyard in your front yard using old appliance cardboard boxes by cutting out tombstone shapes, spray-painting them black, and using white paint to paint spooky, funny epithets on them.
    • Create a victim using old jeans, shirts, work gloves, a hat, and a paper bag all stuffed with leaves. Using corn syrup and red food coloring for blood, the murdered body can be placed on the front steps or in the yard.
    • Use different-sized jars and fill them with water. Place inexpensive rubber "body parts" such as fingers, eyeballs, hair, and hands in the jars. On the table, illuminated by candlelight, these will look creepy.