Sleep with a ghost

Hysterical or historical, ghostly spirits enjoy America's B&Bs, just like living guests. BedandBreakfast.com, the largest online B&B directory and reservation network worldwide, has compiled a list of B&Bs and inns where ghost-seekers will enjoy potentially close encounters with the other world.

From west to east, a sampling of B&B ghost stories is listed here:

  • Bottger Mansion of Old Town, Albuquerque, N.M.: Resident ghosts sigh, pace, and sometimes even dance, documented by investigators of the paranormal.
  • 1888 Linburg House, Goliad, Texas: Sightings include a woman in a white nightgown with long gray hair and a bearded man in a three-piece suit; both look like the original owners.
  • Bingham Hall B&B, New Ulm, Minn.: A man named Jake has been seen by innkeepers standing in the doorway, never going in or out. Guests say that the doors open by themselves, and they hear noises and feel a presence of someone watching them.
  • Rivercene Mansion B&B, Boonville, Mo.: This 1869 mansion was the home of riverboat captain Joseph Kinney. His son, Noble, died falling down the grand staircase. The heirs and their guests have encounters with Noble.
  • Old Harbour Inn, Savannah, Ga.: Guests have reported smelling cigar smoke when no smokers were present, experiencing things moving around, witnessing coins dropping on the floor, and more.
  • Carambola Inn B&B, Fuquay-Varina, N.C.: The scent of perfume and a feeling of an unseen presence give the impression that the former residents are still around. One sighting included a friendly woman hovering about five inches above the ground.
  • Manchester Inn, Ocean Grove, N.J.: Check in to room 316, and ghosts may literally pull your leg; a guest felt a tugging at her pants leg several times.
  • 1871 House, New York, N.Y.: One guest awoke to find a well-dressed man wearing a bowler hat standing at the end of her bed. She requested that he leave her alone; he slowly got up and left through the door.
  • Historic Inns of Rockland, Rockland, Maine: Each of three historic inns has an interesting ghost story to tell, from friendly women waving in windows to tea cups flying across tables.
  • Brass Lantern Inn, Stowe, Vt.: Some report hearing people arrive late in the night, speaking loudly, and talking about the good time they had at a party.