Job search tips

Experts recommend patience and a systematic approach during a job search.

Consider these three facts:

  1. Be patient - More than 20 percent of job searchers report it takes them two months or longer to fill their open positions. Some experts recommend one month for each $10,000 in salary. Companies are receiving more resumes for each of their open positions, requiring more time to make sure they hire the best candidate for the job.
  2. Use the job posting - Job postings clearly spell out what employers are seeking. Update your resume using some of the same key words and phrases directly from the job posting. If the employer is using an automated system to scan resumes, your updated resume will surely stand out.
  3. Get online now! - While nearly three-in-ten of employers say their recruitment budgets will decrease for 2009, 19 percent report they plan to spend more of their money looking for talent on online recruitment sites.

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