The gist: If you do not agree with the Abuse Notice, do not use the site!

We suspend comments or posts for these types of abuse:

  • Personal threats and lies
  • Calls to violence
  • Impersonation of a private person

We will not suspend blogs for other reasons you might find objectionable. For example, we don’t suspend blogs for expressing negative personal opinions, for describing a negative experience they have had with a business, or for being generally offensive (see the section on freedom of speech for more information). Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog or comment, please consider either responding in the comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, by simply ignoring the issue (blogs that use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place), or by seeking a court order against the blog.

We also reserve the right to delete or remove any comments at any time without prior notice.

To file an abuse complaint, follow these steps. Please note that complaints that are not about personal threats or lies, calls to violence, or impersonation will be discarded:

  1. Verify that the site in question is hosted by bytewriter.com. We have no control over sites that do not say "Powered by bytewriter.com." Those sites are not hosted by us. Contact the appropriate web host with complaints. We only host sites that have “bytewriter.com” in their URL or that say “powered by bytewriter.com” on the site.
  2. Contact the blogger or commenter directly. Go to the blog post in question and leave a comment with your complaint to see if the matter can be resolved directly between you and the blogger.
  3. Send us your complaint. If the issue cannot be resolved directly with the blogger, send us your complaint as plain text email. Provide specific links and quotations of the offending material or your complaint will be discarded. If the blog is written in a language other than English, please provide a translation. Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..