Florida annoyances

Typo on the road

FROSTPROOF, Fla. — Buzzfeed is reporting the 40 most insane things that happened in Florida in 2012. Mostly it's about events that would drive anyone over the line.

We're all annoyed by heavy breathers, slow walkers and loud neighbors.

Now Buzzfeed and the Florida Citrus Commission want to immortalize all those annoying and irksome acts. And they reached a conclusion by scanning the twittersphere just so you won't be forced to list them yourself.

From text conversations gone wrong to waking up to a bad hair day, Florida Orange Juice observed as people vented their frustrations in the Twittersphere.

  • Typos and bad grammar via text message and email.
  • Delayed text and email responses
  • Loud chewers and heavy breathers
  • Encountering rude and disrespectful people
  • Cell phone batteries dying
  • Bad drivers and traffic
  • Feeling sick or being among sick people who excessively sneeze and cough in public places
  • Loud and obnoxious people
  • Heavy walkers
  • Annoying song stuck in one's head

Buzzfeed and the Florida Citrus Commission have taken it a step further with a contest that was announced on a web channel run by Buzzfeed and the citrus commission.

The Florida Orange Juice "Top 10 Annoyances" Twitter scan uncovered the top 10 most reoccurring challenges or annoyances people face on an everyday basis. Conducted over a one-week period in September 2012, the scan explored frequently used hashtags including but not limited to: #fail, #sigh, #ugh, #whyme, #petpeeve(s), #irritating, #frustrating, #annoying, #soannoying, #thatjusthappened, #omg, #smh, #fml or #seriously.

To help people see the world from a positive perspective and turn daily frustrations into a good laugh, Florida Orange Juice is giving Americans an opportunity to unleash their inner comedian and provide their own take on life's annoyances for a chance to win a trip to Chicago for the ultimate comedy experience.

Once a month through February, a new meme illustrating daily annoyances will be featured on the Florida Orange Juice channel of Buzzfeed. Viewers will be able to read through Buzzfeed's and other visitors' descriptions for a laugh, as well as post their own funny captions on the image.

One finalist will be selected each month by the comedic team at Buzzfeed and Florida Orange Juice. In March, Buzzfeed will select the top contest entry among the three finalists to be named the "Funniest of the Funny" and win a trip to Chicago, a city that commenced the careers of some of America's favorite comedians.

Contest updates, rules, and more information: www.Facebook.com/FloridaOrangeJuice and follow Florida Orange Juice on Twitter at @OJFromFlorida.