Only certain kinds of spam, please

Several years ago, I abandoned e-mail at this site because of Spam. I was NOT using Living Dot, and the spam managed to kill Spam Assassin. I turned one address off for more than a year, and when I turned it back  on, I still received hundreds of spam messages a day. The spammers didn't even bother with purging their lists to stop bounces.

On a lark I switched to a commercial solution provided by Google.  When I turned the new address on, I had four Spam messages, which Google  promptly caught and sorted into a Spam filter. I've learned that Google's spam filter is quite good. In fact, everything Google tries to pull off is quite good.

When it comes to real Spam, accept no substitute, particularly if it is served fried on white bread with a little mustard. Hopefully my cardiologist and my wife won't be reading this.