Photo of the year candidate

National ReviewA photo at The National Review is a candidate for photo of the year.

So far, the best caption suggestion: Real heroes celebrating justice for a monster who was a hero only in his own depraved mind.

The Navy Seals on the mission were doing the job they trained countless hours to do.

Had Osama bin Laden, not been shot during the mission, a Middle East expert had the perfect solution for the next steps for justice.

Take him to Kenya for a trial while seeking forgiveness from the Kenyans who lost family members in the U.S. Embassy blast.

Next would be a trial in Tanzania, the scene of another embassy blast. Would the families of those killed in the blast forgive bin Laden?

Later in the journey he could stand trial before the families of those killed in the U.S.S. Cole blast in Yemen.

Another step would be for Osama bin Laden to stand trial for the deaths of 3,000 people who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Last would be a trial under Sharia law in Saudi Arabia. there is little doubt that he would have been convicted. The sentence would have been carried by a tall man with a long sword. The executioner would ask the crowds if bin Laden could be forgiven. After he carried out the sentence, bin Laden would be buried in an unmarked grave.

Justice comes in many forms.

One fact is certain. Osama bin Laden will never harm another person.

A revolution is underway in the Arab world. It's not going quite the way the terrorists planned. Why? It's in the hands of the people.