Stop texting now

Out of business

BOCA RATON — A new smart phone app, FreeSafeText, can save live by halting texting, the leading cause of distracted driving and thousands of deaths.

App warns sender that you are drivingBFreeSafeText is available only for Android telephone. However iPhone users can sign up for an email alert when the app is available for iTunes.

Texting while Driving causes 23 times more accidents than driving while not distracted by your smart phone (source: VTTI Virginia Tech Transportation Institute).

Once the free phone application is downloaded, drivers simply turn it on before they begin driving. If a text is received while driving, they won't know. Any distraction and possible danger is avoided. When the driver stops the car they can check the messages delivered to the phone while driving with the app on.

Whomever texts or calls the driver receives a message from the driver's phone stating they are unavailable because they are behind the wheel.

App developer Joe Riano said he believes drivers who text were endangering his grandchild's life every day.

The company is no longer in business.