Politicians can be frightful in costume

There is no shortage of blood-chillers this Halloween. That mysterious creaking emanating from the shadows. Hockey-masked killers and otherworldly marauders. The stock market. Halloween Horror Nights.

Unknown dangers prowl behind the shadows on a dark night. Intense waves of trepidation and disorientation bubble up in the pit of your stomach; you will be forced to face your greatest fears.

Halloween celebrations have become terribly predictable. Halloween costume ideas are among the leading search terms at search engine giant Google. According to Google, interest in the term Sarah Palin Halloween costumer reached its peak in mid-October.

To dress as Gov. Palin, you'll need a wig, glasses and perhaps a mask. Searching for the governor's wig reached a peak in 2009 on October 14, according to Google. Searching may hit another peak between now and Halloween.

The hottest search terms at Google are for homemade Halloween costumers and Halloween costumes for couples. Because there are more searches for Palin than running mate John McCain. Based on information supplied by Google Insight few couples are planning to appear as McCain and Palin based on the McCain costume search results.

You can go to a friend's Halloween costume party that has a dozen people dressed up as Sarah Palin, including men.

If you need a few tips on choosing a costume, eHow has some tips. eHow has suggestions how to choose costumes to make people laugh.

It's all in pursuit of the dollar instead of a good fright night.

Halloween is a much smaller holiday overall than Christmas in terms of dollars spent, but it has become big business. The National Retail Federation expects the average consumer to spend $66.54 on Halloween candy, costumes, decor and the like this year, up 2.7 percent from $64.82 last year.

Forget about the money you just lost because of the stock market crash. Let's have fun.